Aron Gurwitsch

Aron Gurwitsch (Russian: Аро́н Гу́рвич; January 17, 1901, Vilnius, Vilna Governorate – June 25, 1973, Zurich) was a Litvak American phenomenologist.


Gurwitsch wrote on the relations between phenomenology and Gestalt psychology, and in the problems of the organization of consciousness. In particular, he distinguished between the theme, the thematic context and the margin. This is the core of his theory of the Field of Consciousness. He taught at Brandeis University in the mid-1950s. He taught at The New School For Social Research's Graduate Faculty of Social and Political Science from 1959 to 1973.

Academic genealogy

He was a student of Moritz Geiger, among others. Notable students of Gurwitsch include Lester Embree and Henry E. Allison.


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