AfroCrowd (stylized as AfroCROWD) is an initiative to create and improve information about black culture and history on Wikipedia. The New York City–based project was founded by Alice Backer in 2015.[1][2]

Formation2015 (2015)
FounderAlice Backer


Some observers have noted a dearth in content pertaining to sub-Saharan African history on Wikipedia.[3] In 2015, lawyer Alice Backer founded AfroCROWD.[2] Backer launched AfroCROWD to, "rectify Wikipedia's lack of articles about black history and black culture."[1] According to Backer the aim of the project is to, "give people of color opportunities to do more than participate in and consume social media."[4]

Strategies and tactics

AfroCROWD hosts edit-a-thons and talks across the metropolitan New York area.[1] They have partnered with other organizations such as the Haiti Cultural Exchange and Haitian Creole Language Institute to host these events.[5]

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