Acts of Literature

Acts of Literature is a 1991 philosophical and literary book based on essays by the French philosopher Jacques Derrida. The book is the first collection of Derrida's essays on Western-culture literary texts. Derek Attridge edited the book in close association with Derrida himself.

Acts of Literature
Cover of the first edition
AuthorJacques Derrida
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Derrida discusses authors such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Stéphane Mallarmé, James Joyce, William Shakespeare, and Franz Kafka.


A part highly cited by scholars is the chapter dedicated to James Joyce: ‘Ulysses’ Gramophone: Hear Say Yes In Joyce. (pp. 253–309).


  • 1st edition published by Routledge, November 20, 1991. ISBN 978-0-415-90057-7.


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