Abu Tesht

Abu Tesht (Arabic: أبو تشت; Coptic: Ⲡϫⲟϫ) is a town and Markaz north of Qena governorate (province).

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It is considered one of the oldest inhabited areas in Egypt as it includes the Naqada area which contain remains of prehistoric civilizations as Naqada culture. It is identified with the Ancient Egyptian city of Per-Djodj, although Daressy identifies the nearby town of Abu Shûsha as the actual Per-Djodj.[1]

Further demographical information

  • Considered to be amongst the highest populated area in Qena.
  • Has the highest measured rate of seasonal employment in Qena.
  • Illiteracy rates are valued as high.[2]

Civil unrest

There are reports of civil disorder within the city that had occurred between Muslim persons estimated at 1000 and Coptic Christians who were attacked on November 17, 2010.[3][4] Further hostilities contra-religieux are evidenced by the church of St Anthony in the nearby town of Abu Shûsha, having been set alight and the building kept from being rebuilt by Muslim objectors.[5]

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