2007 Egyptian Shura Council election

Elections for the Shura Council, the upper house of the Egyptian parliament, was held in Egypt on 11 June 2007 and 18 June 2007. From a total of 264 seats 88 are up for election every three years, another 44 are appointed by the president.

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There were 587 candidates competing for the 88 seats in 24 provinces. The main parties running were the National Democratic Party (109 candidates) and the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood (whose 19 candidates were standing as independents, President Mubarak having had failed in an attempt to disqualify 17 of them). The elections were being boycotted by the New Wafd Party and the Nasserist Party.[1]

Egyptian media reported that 11 of the 88 seats were won uncontested by the National Democratic Party.[1] In total, the NDP won 70 seats in the first round of the election, while one seat went to an independent and one to the National Progressive Unionist Party (commonly known as "Tagammu"). Turnout was reportedly 23 per cent.[2] Of the 16 seats determined in the second round, the NDP won 14 while independents won another two, resulting in a total of 84 for the NDP, three for independents and one for Tagammu.[3]

Violence on election day led to the death of a supporter of an independent candidate in Sharqia province after fighting with supporters of the NDP.[1]

Summary of the 2007 Election Results

Summary of the 11 June and 18 June 2007 Egyptian Shura Council election results
Parties Seats
1st 2nd Σ
National Democratic Party (Al'Hizb Al Watani Al Democrati) 70 14 84
Independents 1 2 3
National Progressive Unionist Party (Hizb al Tagammo' al Watani al Taqadommi al Wahdwawi) 1 0 1
Total 72 16 88
The elections were being boycotted by the New Wafd Party and the Nasserist Party.[1]


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