1995 Egyptian parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Egypt on 29 November 1995, with a second round for 168 seats on 6 December.[1] The result was a victory for the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP), which won 318 seats. Following the election, 99 of the 112 independents also joined the NDP.[1] Voter turnout was reported to be 47.99%.[1]

29 November 1995
6 December 1995

All 454 seats to the People's Assembly of Egypt
227 seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party
Leader Kamal Ganzouri Fouad Serageddin
Party NDP New Wafd
Seats won 318 6

Prime Minister before election

Atef Sedki
National Democratic Party

Subsequent Prime Minister

Kamal Ganzouri
National Democratic Party


Party Votes % Seats +/–
National Democratic Party318–30
New Wafd Party6New
National Progressive Unionist Party5–1
Arab Democratic Nasserist Party1New
Socialist Labour Party1New
Liberal Socialists Party1New
Presidential appointees100
Invalid/blank votes259,075
Registered voters/turnout20,987,45347.99
Source: IPU


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