1984 Egyptian parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Egypt on 27 May 1984. Since the last election in 1979, changes had been made to the electoral system. The 176 two-member constituencies were replaced by 48 multi-member constituencies (totalling 448 seats), with candidates elected on a party list system, with a party needing over 8% of the vote to win a seat.[1]

27 May 1984

All 458 seats to the People's Assembly of Egypt
230 seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party
Leader Ahmad Fuad Mohieddin Fouad Serageddin
Party NDP New Wafd
Seats won 390 58
Popular vote 3,756,359 778,131
Percentage 72.9% 15.1%

Prime Minister before election

Ahmad Fuad Mohieddin
National Democratic Party

Subsequent Prime Minister

Kamal Hassan Ali

The result was a victory for the ruling National Democratic Party, which won 390 of the 448 seats. The only other party to win seats was the New Wafd Party. Following the election, President Hosni Mubarak appointed a further 10 members to the Assembly; one from the NDP, four from the Socialist Labour Party, one from the National Progressive Unionist Party and four Copts. Voter turnout was 43.1%.[1]


Party Votes % Seats +/–
National Democratic Party3,756,35972.9390+43
New Wafd Party778,13115.158New
Socialist Labour Party364,0407.10–30
National Progressive Unionist Party214,5874.20New
Socialist Liberal Party33,4480.70–2
Presidential appointees100
Invalid/blank votes176,521
Registered voters/turnout12,339,41743.1
Source: IPU


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