1925 Egyptian parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Egypt on 23 March 1925.[1] The elections saw the Wafd Party lose over half of its seats.[1]

23 March 1925
  First party Second party
Leader Saad Zaghloul Various
Party Wafd Others
Seats won 86 129

Prime Minister before election

Ahmad Ziwar Pasha

Subsequent Prime Minister

Ahmad Ziwar Pasha


Party Votes % Seats +/–
Wafd Party86–102
Other parties and independents129+102
Invalid/blank votes
Source: Sternberger et al.


  1. Dolf Sternberger, Bernhard Vogel, Dieter Nohlen & Klaus Landfried (1978) Die Wahl der Parlamente: Band II: Afrika, Erster Halbband, p294 (in German)

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