Åland (former province of Finland)

The Province of Åland (Finnish: Ahvenanmaan lääni, Swedish: Ålands län) was a province of Finland from 1918 to 2009.

Province of Åland
Ahvenanmaan lääni
Ålands län
Province of Finland
 1 January 1993
1,552 km2 (599 sq mi)
 31 December 2009
1,552 km2 (599 sq mi)
 1 January 1993
 31 December 2009
Preceded by
Turku and Pori Province

The State Provincial Office on the Åland Islands (Länsstyrelsen på Åland) represented the Finnish central government on the Åland Islands between 1918 and 2009. Due to its autonomy, it had somewhat different functions than similar offices in other Provinces of Finland. Generally a State Provincial Office was a joint regional authority of seven different ministries of the Government of Finland. In Åland the State Provincial Office also represented a set of other authorities of the central government, which in mainland-Finland has separate bureaucracies. On the other hand duties, which on mainland-Finland were handled by the provincial offices, were transferred to the autonomous government of Åland.

Along with the abolition of all provinces of Finland, the Åland State Provincial Office was replaced by the State Department of Åland in 2009.


Municipalities in 2009 (cities in bold)


  • Hjalmar von Bonsdorff 1918
  • William Isaksson 1918–1922
  • Lars Wilhelm Fagerlund 1922–1937
  • Torsten Rothberg 1938
  • Ruben Österberg 1939–1945
  • Herman Koroleff 1945–1953
  • Tor Brenning 1954–1972
  • Martin Isaksson 1972–1982
  • Henrik Gustavsson 1982–1999
  • Peter Lindbäck 1999–2009

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